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Florida’s sunny and year-round temperate weather makes the state a popular hub for motorcyclists. The state has many residents and out-of-state visitors who pursue their passion for riding motorcycles; in fact, the state holds some of the country’s largest biking events. Despite the prevalence of bikers, many are not aware of their rights and remedies if they suffer injuries in a Florida motorcycle accident. Moreover, the law protects motorcycle passenger victims as well.

Many motorcyclists face undue biases when attempting to recover damages from a negligent motorist or through an insurance claim. However, under Florida Statutes section 316.208, motorcyclists maintain the same duties and rights as any other motorist. However, it is essential to note that the law distinguishes bikers and moped drivers.

Motorcyclists must abide by the applicable rules and regulations regarding their vehicle’s operation. First, the law requires motorcyclists to wear a helmet and ensure that their vehicle has specific safety equipment. Some of the required safety equipment includes, stop lamps, turn signals, headlights, and level handlebars. Additionally, motorcycle operators must obey protective gear requirements. Under these safety rules, bikers must maintain an active and valid motorcycle license, wear helmets if they are under 21-years-old, and wear approved eye protection.

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